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Vietnamese Artists |Pham An Hai

Pham An Hai was born in 1967 in Hanoi and graduated from the Hanoi Institute of Fine Art in 1995 and received his Master of Art in 2006. Pham An Hai is one of Southeast Asia’s foremost painters of abstractions. He is also an excellent painter of figurative art and started out as an artist doing expressionistic paintings and moved on towards abstraction. His oil on canvas works have developed into larger and bolder canvases over the years, layered and richly textured. His paintings are inspired by landscapes, cityscapes and nature, but he offers his own personal interpretations of these familiar themes. Pham An Hai is a unique artist who has shown that abstract works can show deeper meanings than being plain abstractions. Pham An Hai has exhibited in Vietnam and internationally in Britain, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgium , Thailand, Japan, USA, Italy, Korea and Dubai.