Thavibu Contemporary Art from Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar/Burma

Myanmar [Burmese] Artists | Htein Lin

Htein Lin was born in 1966 in Mezaligon, in Myanmar’s Northern Irrawaddy Delta. His interest in art was innate as Htein Lin has stated that he was imbued with creativity since birth. A student activist, Htein Lin spent a number of years as a refugee in the jungles of Northern Myanmar and was imprisoned as a result of his protests against the atrocities and injustices perpetrated by Myanmar’s military junta against fellow students and contemporaries. It was while in prison first in Mandalay in 1998 and later while in Yangon, where he developed his iconic style of painting, improvising by using prison uniforms as canvasses and a variety of found objects as well as his fingers in lieu of paint brushes. Htein Lin is highly regarded for his performance art, a genre that he pursued through the many years. His highly regarded international art practice include his 2007 solo exhibition at Asia House, London and his participation at the 2010 Singapore Fringe Fest where he presented his site specific installation, Scale of Justice. Htein Lin’s artworks are included in numerous important art collections in Europe and in Asia.