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Limited Edition Book: Feasting the Female Form

With an artistic practice that spans more than fifty years, eighty year old U Lun Gywe is regarded as Burma's most prominent master painters and one of Southeast Asia's most important senior artists. U Lun Gywe's figurative works of Burmese women are a celebration of their inherent beauty and grace, which he renders through his unique Impressionist style of painting that is a combination of orientalist discipline and western artistic practices. His paintings of dancers and village women, rendered with a vibrant palette and sweeping brushstrokes, are filled with movement - a contrast to his quiet sketches of nudes that aptly reflect his western art training.


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This is a very high quality limited edition book, printed in 500 numbered copies. It comes in a boxed edition and each book contains the Giclée art print Nude with Apple - printed on archival paper, signed by the artist U Lun Gywe, and numbered in the same edition as the book.


The book was written and produced in Malaysia and Thailand, and printed by a Singapore company on imported archival paper from Japan. English text, hard cover, 35.5 x 35.5 cm, 120 pages, 56 full page colour plates, published by Thavibu Gallery, 2011, ISBN 9786169072904


This book can be ordered from Thavibu Gallery. The price is US$ 280 for the book, and postal rates are set by the Thai government.


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An Artist's Life: The Artistic Realm of U Lun Gywe

Feasting the Female Form


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